Teck engineering inc.

Bridging the gap between theory and reality

Teck Engineering Inc. provides complete mechanical, piping and HVAC design for power generating plants, process plants and commercial buildings.  This includes preparation of all specifications, bid evaluations, equipment selection, and integration of vendor equipment into the detailed design.  Our piping designs are completed in accordance with applicable codes such as ASME B31.1, B31.3 and B31.9 and includes 3D modeling and isometric piping drawing generation.  Some of our projects include:

Mechanical & piping

This project involved detailed piping and mechanical design for a 24 MW diesel power generating plant including equipment selection, piping design, piping specifications and overall mechanical design for the balance of plant.

This project involved mechanical and piping design for a 28 MW diesel power generating plant for the Sukari Gold Mine in Egypt.  This included mechanical equipment specification, mechanical and piping design for the power station and fuel storage tank farm.

This project involved mechanical and piping design for a 10 MW Cummins standby diesel power generating station including fuel storage tank design, fuel distribution and exhaust gas stack design.

This project involved an assessment of existing power generating stations.  The assessments were completed to determine the equipment’s current condition, life expectancy and upgrades necessary to achieve the future load demand.

This project involved mechanical and electrical design for a service interconnection between an existing power station and a new warehouse.  The design involved utilizing waste heat recovered from the gensets to heat the new warehouse using a hydronic heating system.