Teck engineering inc.

Bridging the gap between theory and reality

Teck Engineering Inc. provides mechanical engineering services including machinery design, modifications to existing equipment and engineering certification.  Our analysis capabilities include finite element analysis, material selection, metal fatigue simulations, and dynamic simulations.  These services provide our customers with robust designs that perform to their required specifications.  Some past projects include:

This project involved assessment of an existing dryer motor shaft using finite element methods, fatigue analysis and material testing.  The shaft was analyzed for its modes of vibration to determine whether or not it was suitable for the application.

This project involved designing a support device for an auxiliary power unit (APU) that can be attached to the front bumper of a mining truck during towing operations. The support device can be lifted with a fork lift or a crane to install the APU.

This project involved analysis and design modifications to an existing setback structure for a drilling rig to accommodate a pipe handling system.  Teck also provides designs for drilling and service rigs in accordance with API specification 4F.

Mechanical engineering

This project involved detailed design of a hydraulic jacking system to lift CAT D11 dozers for maintenance purposes.  The design included a locking mechanism and was designed to ASME B30.1.

This project involved re-designing a 43 ft long steaming vessel screw conveyor for a pulp mill to improve the life expectancy of the screw conveyor.  The re-design involved metal fatigue simulations, material selection, weld joint design, and finite element analysis to simulate stress levels.