Teck engineering inc.

Bridging the gap between theory and reality

Teck Engineering Inc. provides forensic engineering and fire investigations services for the insurance industry, legal firms and industrial customers. 

We provide failure analyses for mechanical equipment and structural failures.  This typically involves a thorough investigation including a review of all available facts and information, mechanical inspection and testing of failed components and report preparation identifying the cause(s) of the failure.  In some cases, detailed analysis using finite element methods are required to fully understand the failure mechanism and contributing factors.

Our reports are factual, credible, and we strive to accurately identify the cause(s) of the failures so our customers have a true picture of what happened and what can be done to prevent future failures. 

Failure analysis

Forensic engineering

Teck has personnel on staff that are certified fire and explosion investigators and are qualified to carryout fire investigations.  Our expertise involves heavy equipment fires, farm equipment fires and industrial facility fires. 

We have completed fire investigations for insurance adjusters and legal firms and have participated in several mediation sessions that, in most cases, were settled without a trial. 

Teck believes in stating all known facts and provides opinions consistent with these facts.

Fire investigations

Teck has personnel on staff that are qualified to complete accident investigations that sometimes involve serious injuries or fatalities.  Our expertise lies in the determination of the cause(s), circumstances surrounding the incident and the contributing factor(s) that led to the accident.

The principal engineer of our firm, Thomas Kaufmann, has been qualified in court on several occasions to provide expert witness testimony. 

Our reports are factual, credible and can stand up to serious challenge in legal proceedings.

Accident investigations